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What We Can Do

We can build better future together

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    Improve Healthcare
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    Work for Family Farms
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    Build Infrastuctur- Roads,Bridge, Internet
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    Help All Workers
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    Keep Our Small Town Viable

Vote Status

It is important that everyone votes.

During this pandemic, voting by mail is very important.

I support sending out absentee ballots to every registered voter and keeping the USPS viable.

A Future Based On Facts & People's Needs


About A John Peters

Mission and Vision

Believe in Civil Rights for All

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Policy Positions

Mission and Vision


Water is more important than oil. We cannot live without water and we will have viable alternatives for oil. We must keep a clean source of water.


I believe that climate change is real and human made. We must move to a carbonless based energy system.

Rural Economy

The prosperous rural economy is dependent on Small family farms and small businesses. I will work to support these entities and discourage foreign investment in our food supply chain.


I support keeping taxes low for poor and middle class workers. Taxes must be increase on large businesses.


Education has been underfunded for the last 20 years. It is especially important to increase funding during this pandemic. We need to get our students back in school safely.


From 1997 until 2002 I spent 200 days in the hospital which nearly bankrupted me. I am also a Covid survivor. I will work to make health accessible and affordable to all Minnesotans.

How we can build a better country together!