A. John Peters

  • I believe that people have the right to affordable healthcare. Having nearly gone bankrupt because of surgeries and hospitalization, I have felt the crush of our health system. I feel that we should plot a course that bring full health care, first by negotiating drug coverage and expansion of Medicare and Medicaid. This should be followed by careful examination of the results and then further.
  • I believe that every person has the right to a livable wage.
  • I believe parents should be able to take care of a sick child without fear of losing their income.
  • I believe that workers have the right and the responsibility to organize and negotiate working conditions and salary. I extend this to where each corporation should have a Union Representative on their board of directors.
  • I believe that government workers should have the write to organize and strike.  I also believe that outsourcing jobs to the private sector is not cost efficient. The purpose of a business is to make money. The purpose of the government is to serve people.
  • I believe Social Security should be maintained and enhanced.  By stopping employer donations at the current rate and have personal income rate not be limited, Social Security would be funded well past this century.
  • I believe in public education. It should be fully funded. The Senate in the last session reduced the amount of state aide to schools by several factors.
  • I believe in maintenance and improvement of our physical infrastructure.
  • I believe that every household in the state should have access to affordable High Speed Internet so they can comfortably do distance learning, remote work and communication with family. The Senate reduced the proposed amount to just halfhearted measure.
  • I believe that family farms are key to rural development. They keep our small towns alive and feed into local businesses.
  • I believe that proper regulation of land use is necessary to keep our agricultural and outdoor recreation viable.
  • I believe that climate change is real and man made.
  • I believe that all children be given the resources to be healthy, grow and become productive.
  • I believe the best way to reduce abortions is to provide education, health environment and a strong infrastructure to support families.
  • I believe that people have to peacefully organize and protest injustice. Violence is not the answer. When given no option to peacefully protest, people have to break the law without resorting to violence. In the case of Black Live Matters, peaceful non aggressive protests have been shut down. When a football player knelt during the National Anthem he was shunned and lost his profession. When people met and prayed, teargas was shot at them to break up the crowd.  These actions accelerated events to where there is violence.

I believe in People

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